At, our vision is to create a network with two-way connections between dentists and the people seeking their services.

This vision is driven by both our dentists and the patients, who create much of the content found on the site, including:

  • Patient stories and testimonials that give dentists and patients actionable insight via real information from real people
  • Before & After” photographs and other visual aids that inform all parties and remove any worry or guesswork
  • Custom dentist videos that give patients a special glimpse into the doctor’s office before ever stepping foot inside

The vision starts online, of course. The patients who choose tend to be more savvy and sophisticated than those who would go to the Yellow Pages or just pick up the phone. patients do their due-diligence, check what the community is saying, and then make the call.

The focus on educational content will continue to be our driving force. Because at, we attract patients who know their needs as well as anyone, and we choose dentists who respect and cater to that level of understanding in patients.

The vision is not just to set appointments, but to build relationships. The vision for is to be the first step — for patients and dentists — in a relationship that lasts a lifetime.