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Broadway Family Dentistry

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Broadway Family Dentistry treats families from ages 1 to 101. Helping patients understand their dental health is important to us. Our rooms are equipped with dental educational software to aid in understanding disease prevention and treatment. We are also able to use video to allow you to actually see your own dental problems. Our office utilizes high tech digital x-rays, which lowers the radiation to patients significantly. Dr. Hirst has advanced education and training in treating patients with face and jaw pain including headache. Dr. Jensen has advance training in use of lasers for treatment of snoring, restorative dentistry and treating tongue/lip ties. Our hygienists are complete in assisting in gum therapy and cancer screenings. They also offer laser treatments as part of their commitment to controlling periodontal (gum) disease. The laser treatment is also effective in treating mouth sores including the common cold and canker sore.